2024 Travel Trends from We Travel Luxe

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Here are some travel trends we are taking note of in 2024.

Private Experiences

Our travelers are increasingly seeking unique, personalized experiences. Think focus on on private tours, bespoke experiences, and off-the-beaten-path destinations rather than standard tourist attractions. We also see return visits in high travel season to favorite countries like Italy and Greece but concentrating on lesser-traveled destinations like Puglia or Paros. 


Luxury travel will likely continue burgeoning wellness trends, offering packages focusing on mental and physical health. This may include yoga retreats, digital detox packages, spa treatments, and fitness or nutrition-focused trips. We are also seeing active travel, like hiking or surfing trips on the rise as well. 

Experiential Travel:

As people look to make their trips more meaningful, experiential travel will likely continue to rise. We are increasingly seeing our travelers seek opportunities to immerse themselves in local cultures, learn new skills, and push their boundaries with new experiences. As the world opens, so do our traveler's desires to see new places. Japan, India, and South America beckon our travelers who are looking for new places to explore. As well as expedition-style vacations to Antarctica, Iceland, and Africa. 

Sports Focused Travel

Demand for golf-focused trips to the UK is especially popular with our travelers. But, also, Formula 1 and Premier League Football trips. The 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris and Italy’s 2026 Winter Games – have travelers planning ahead. And participatory sports travel is also a hot ticket, with more companies offering not just hiking, biking, or golf vacations, but experiences such as cycling a stage of the Tour de France or skiing with former Olympians.

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Tours & Guides

We Luxe Travel works with only the best properties and tour operators to ensure you get your expected experience. We have exclusive relationships worldwide that know the level of service we expect for our We Travel Luxe clients. 

Getting Around

We are happy to set up transfers with trusted partners. Leave the logistics to us. Or, we can advise alternative ways to travel within the country. No two trips are alike. We advise based on your needs. 

Help Available 24/7

Our travel advisors ensure every detail is taken care of and can adjust on the fly 24/7 - all you have to do is call or text. When you are in travel, you will have dedicated on-the-ground specialists to call too with our trusted partners. 

Exclusive Upgrades & Amentities through our Partnerships

Because of our affiliations with Travel Experts and Virtuoso, many times in certain properties we are able to offer you exclusive perks like upgrades (when available), daily breakfast, food and beverage or resort credit, early check in or late checkout. At booking, we will be able to share with you what value added benefit you receive by booking with us. 

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