Hello if you are new to me and We Travel Luxe. Just a few travel questions I get from time to time about how I got started in the travel business and why I think working with a travel advisor just makes sense. Curious how we work? Reach out anytime, I love meeting new people.

We Travel Lux - Emily Webber

Where are you from?

I am from Centerville, Tennessee which is best known for being the hometown of country comedian Minnie Pearl. After high school, I attended Lipscomb University in Nashville.

How did you discover your passion for traveling?

Growing up in a small town in the South, I always wanted to see the world. In college, I had the opportunity to study in Vienna, Austria. From Vienna that semester, I travelled ALL over Europe. From that moment onward, I knew I could not see enough of God's creation, our beautiful planet.

What is your favorite country?

I've been to close to 25 countries (and counting). Hands down, my favorite country is Italy. Italy has made an impression in my soul. I'd love to help you plan an amazing Italian adventure. Greece, Morocco, Turks and Caicos, and Puglia are on my list for 2021. Follow along on my social media to experience the best these countries have to offer.

What advice do you give to travelers?

The greatest advice that I give all my travelers is to be flexible! You never know what can happen when you travel. That is part of why it is a good idea to have a travel advisor. We are here as your advocate. Before I became a travel advisor, I booked a hotel that was supposed to be incredible in St. Lucia. We got to our room and it smelled of mold and had huge bugs all over the bed. I was so sad but got us moved to a much better location.

I have walked through so many experiences with different clients. I am committed to doing whatever it takes to make a trip incredible for my clients. I have seen so much of the world and want others to experience that as well.

Why should someone use a travel advisor?

You should have fun while planning your travel. And you are busy! Travel advisors save you time and help you get the most out of your travel budget. We have relationships with people all over the world who are on the ground in the locations you are visiting. We have the best hotels, guides, drivers and experiences to share with you. We curate each trip to your specific needs. Our Virtuoso connections allow us to get you additional amenities at 5-star properties. Our trips are customized for you and your family and your interests. Ready to travel? Get in touch or learn how we work here.

The Ranch at Rock Creek, MT. Stunning in all seasons.
Take me back to Europe!
Take me back to Europe!
Always ready.
Always ready.